What is naïve art?

Naïve art is the works of amateur artists. Those who are called true artists (with an inborn talent). Painters, sculptors, actors, musicians in villages and cities represent today's Ukrainian naïve. The whole world admires Maria Prymachenko’s and Kateryna Bilokur’s works, yet we still have to discover hundreds of names.

What is naïve art?

The Ukrainian naïve art is diverse. It is possible to learn to recognize and comprehend naïve art among thousands of authors whose works are so different from each other. The archaic symbolism and age-old Ukrainian tradition, understandable and familiar plots – both everyday and historical – attract attention in the works of traditional naïve art. The folk feeling of the beautiful is intertwined here with the artist’s individuality in their desire to fill their own world with beauty.

What is naïve art?

But culture has not stopped. Nature is filled with the concrete of factories and apartment blocks, folk consciousness is complemented with thousands of new topics. All this is mixed in amateur artists’ works. Art becomes the response to the persistent challenges for some of them or serves as protection from a harsh reality for others. Nontraditional naïve art is thus born – deep, sharp, topical and ironic.


The culture expedition is the trip across the regions of Ukraine in search of authors and works of naïve art. You can find the artists’ studios and homes, naïve art museums and collections, art objects, centers and odd fish of Ukrainian naïve art in Map section.


The virtual museum is the online space of Ukrainian naïve art. Private and museum collections have been presented on one platform for the first time. There are 6 curator’s sections waiting for you in the museum halls. Oleksandr Liapin, Petro Honchar, Lidiia Lykhach, Iryna Savchenko and Pavlo Gudimov prepared original thematic blocks of amateur artists from different times. You can register for curator’s excursions for these exhibitions in Events section on the website. The foundation section contains a permanent exposition of the works of Ukrainian naïve art from the museums of Ukraine.

I Am Artist

You are pursuing art even without any special education? Then you are a true naïve artist! Become a member of the large community of Ukrainian naïve art. Fill in the application form and add your works. After the project curators review them, your name will be included in Authors section and your works will become a part of the Collection.